Submissions should discuss research (for example, psychological research, clinical research, applied research etc.) that has not been presented or published elsewhere. All submissions will be reviewed and evaluated by a review committee.

Approved poster presenters have the choice to:

  • Attend the Friday of Fall Conference at no cost, including the cocktail hour, for researchers participating in-person at the conference’s Poster Hall Session with their poster presentations to answer questions and discuss their research. Photos of researchers with their presentations will be featured on NJPA’s website including presentation and presenter details, after the conclusion of the conference. Researchers will also have the option to submit a brief, narrated electronic presentation to accompany their photo.

  • Or, for researchers not participating in the in-person Poster Hall Session on the Friday of the Fall Conference, submit a final 1-min narrated electronic video poster presentation by September 1, 2022. The videos will be available on the NJPA website after the conclusion of the conference.
Sample Poster Guideline


Approved poster presentations will be part of the 2022 NJPA Fall Conference and may be used by NJPA in articles and other media for other audiences in the future.

Poster participation is open to NJPA members and non-members. Non-member authors are highly encouraged to join NJPA. Please visit our website at for the NJPA membership application and to learn about all exclusive NJPA member benefits.

Contact Jennifer Cooper at [email protected] with questions.

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