Continuing Education C0-Sponsporship Questions

Can instructors get CE credit?  
For presenting a new  lecture or seminar to professional peers, or teaching or developing the curriculum for a new CE course or program related to psychology.  New means the licensee has never presented the seminar/lecture before or taught/developed curriculum for that course in any other educational setting.  Instructors will earn one credit for each 50 minutes of the lecture/seminar/course/program up to 5 credits.  Instructors do not need to be psychologists however they must have expertise in the content area and be competent to teach the program at a level that builds upon a completed doctoral program in psychology. Also, a doctoral level psychologist must be involved in all aspects of program planning and development.  Please refer to the Board of Psychological Examiners Regulations 13:42-10.21(b)(4) to learn about earning credit for presenting a new lecture or seminar to professional peers, and section 13:42-10.22(b)(5) to learn about the required documentation. 
CE credit will only be earned for participation in activities that have specific learning objectives and that evaluate the extent of learning that has taken place according to those objectives.  One credit is awarded for each hour of the CE activity.  As an APA-approved sponsor of CE for psychologists, NJPA must adhere to established criteria and must require the same of any institutions or presenters who seek co-sponsorship with NJPA of their CE programs.  
Is it acceptable to provide certificates of attendance to participants who are non-psychologists?
•    Yes. All participants attending the full length of your program may request a certificate of attendance. However, it is recommended that participants check with their respective state board to ensure that credits obtained will be accepted. 
Does the CE program administrator have to be a psychologist?
•    No.  However, doctoral level psychologists must be involved in all aspects of program planning and development.  
Do other professions accept credit earned from APA-approved sponsors?
•    There are some professions that accept credit from APA-approved sponsors. However, it remains the responsibility of program participants to confirm this with his/her licensing board.