NJPA Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year is awarded to a non-psychologist who has made significant contributions to the ideals of mental health or social welfare. Nominations should consist of several paragraphs detailing why this individual deserves the honor.  Supporting documentation may be enclosed.  Recipients will be selected by the NJPA Executive Board based upon how well they meet the criteria of the award. 

Nomination Form

2020 NJPA Citizen of the Year
Abigail Rosen, CFP

Ms. Rosen has served as Treasurer on the Foundation Board of Trustees since September of 2008. She has provided counsel and advisement with regard to the finances of the Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation, in every aspect of the Foundation’s Mission, and has also provided important information in those areas where a question or issue with respect to the financial liaison with NJPA has occurred.

Ms. Rosen has volunteered her time and energy to all the activities of the Foundation Board of Trustees well beyond her role as Treasurer.  Not only does she provide sound guidance to the decisions of the Board with respect to funding graduate students throughout the State, but she also participates in the site visits, each year pairing with a Trustee to travel to each site to evaluate their functioning as consistent with the Foundation’s mission, to interview graduate students, and confer with their supervisors. 

Ms. Rosen has also been a tireless advocate for the fund-raising aspects of the Foundation, fully participating in event-planning and suggestions, and even offering her own professional offices and the participation of her colleagues to enhance the financial and overall health of the organization.

2019 NJPA Citizen of the Year
Founder of the Nicky Green Foundation, Patricia M. Green, LCSW
2018 NJPA Citizen of the Year
Founder/Chief Executive Officer of The Center for Great Expectations (CGE), Peg Wright 
2017 NJPA Citizen of the Year

Previous Director of the Office of Community Justice within the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General, Wanda Moore

2016 NJPA Citizen of the Year 2016
Advocate for the Boys & Girls Clubs Keystone Law, Jordan Thomas
2015 NJPA Citizen of the Year

Superintendent of the Sayreville, New Jersey public schools, Richard Labbe, EdD,
2014 NJPA Citizen of the Year
Superintendent of Schools in East Hanover Township Public Schools District, Joseph Ricca, EdD