Committees of the Board

Ongoing Committees

Ongoing Committees serve to assist in the functioning of the organization and its members. They originate from needs identified by the Executive Board. All Ongoing Committee members shall be approved by the Executive Board.

Academic & Scientific Affairs

Colleague Assistance

Council on Continuing
Education Affairs

Committee on Diversity
& Inclusion


Regulatory Affairs

Early Career Psychologists

Ethics Education & Resources




Public Education

Social Advocacy

Committee on Legislative Affairs


Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups serve to bring together members sharing a more specific focus or area of interest and to foster community. They serve as resources for NJPA’s board, members, and staff.  Special Interest Groups shall be convened and its members approved by the president.

Resource Groups

Resource Groups serve to bring together a group of members with particular expertise in a given area, who are available as an information resource to NJPA’s board, members, and staff. Resource Groups shall be convened, chair appointed and members approved by the president.