NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award
Ms. Jane Selzer was a long time employee of NJPA and passionately involved with NJPA membership. She retired in 2015. To acknowledge her long standing service to NJPA, and in an effort to publicly acknowledge and recognize those members who contribute so much to NJPA in so many diverse ways, the NJPA Membership Committee renamed this established award after her to recognize members who add value to NJPA every day. Any member of NJPA can nominate a fellow member for this award by submitting a detailed statement (up to 500 words) demonstrating how the nominee meets the outlined criteria and why he/she deserves this honor. A current CV shall be included and supporting documentation may be enclosed.

2020 NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award Winner 

Since becoming a member in 2008, Briana Cox, PsyD has been involved and contributed to many areas of the New Jersey Psychological Association. In general, Dr. Cox has proven herself to be committed to NJPA and its interests. In 2016, Dr. Cox was the NJPA Early Career Delegate at the American Psychological Association State Leadership Conference. Dr. Cox has been a member of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI) since 2016. In this capacity, Dr. Cox has been a co-presenter at the NJPA Fall Conference, CODI Town Hall in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, she presented on Engaging Clients Across Cultural Divides: Using the New APA Multicultural Guidelines. In 2019, Dr. Cox co-presented on Addressing Racial Trauma in Therapy: Managing Client and Therapist Anxiety. Dr. Cox is on the sub-committee for the 2020 Fall NJPA Conference, CODI Town Hall and has been instrumental in finding presenters for this year’s presentation. To enhance and expand her knowledge, sensitivity to and awareness of diversity issues, Dr. Cox has twice participated in the Undoing Racism Training through The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. More recently, since January 2019, Dr. Cox has been the chair of the NJPA LISTSERV Monitoring committee. Dr. Cox took on the role of chair of this committee when it needed support and direction. This is a challenging position that involves dedication and attention to detail. Dr. Cox has handled her role with objectivity, professionalism, and grace, especially during contentious, difficult, and tense situations with fellow NJPA members. She remains fair in her decisions, always following the LISTSERV rules and not reacting emotionally. Dr. Cox is not intimidated by others and has remained patient and tries her best to adhere to the rules and regulations all members agree to when they sign the LISTSERV agreement.

2019 NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award Winners
Michelle Pievsky, PsyD
Stacie Shivers, PsyD

2018 NJPA Jane Selzer Membership Recognition Award Winner

Christopher Thompson, MA, EdS