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Our Membership Committee is excited to shine a spotlight on our amazing membership!  We value our members and proudly celebrate their accomplishments!  View the NJPA Member Spotlight Gallery here!
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Hear what some of our members have to say:

 "There is no better way to keep up with the profession of psychology than to belong to NJPA.  It provides up to the minute news from the BoPE, NJ and Federal regulations regarding all aspects of private practice.  it introduces psychologists to peers in what otherwise could be a lonely profession" ~ Mary Blakeslee, PhD, member since 1983, Emeritus member, retired, South Jersey

 "NJPA has been an invaluable resource for professional, ethical, and even billing questions that I have had through the years. The Continuing Education provided by NJPA is relevant to my clinical practice." ~ William Coffey, PsyD, member since 2016, Licensed 5 yrs or more member, private practice, South Jersey

 "Become a member.  It is extremely beneficial to speak to colleagues in a profession that many of us are self-employed." ~ Julio Olivo, PhD, member since 2020 Licensed 2-5 yrs member in private practice, North Jersey

 "NJPA provides a welcoming and inclusive environment that creates professional spaces to develop meaningful connections with colleagues, provides resources to stay up-to-date on current research and practice trends in the field, and affords ample opportunities to make a real difference in our local communities." ~ Dominique Reminick, MA, member since 2019, Student member, doctoral psychology extern, North Jersey

What membership means to me:  Aileen Torres, PhD

Member Benefits:

Continuing Education Transcript Portal

We are excited to introduce our new Continuing Education Transcript Portal, an NJPA hosted online organizational tool and certificate storage bank that will help you keep track of your CE activities! This tool enables you to keep a list of CE activities sorted by category, general, domestic violence, and opioid, keeps a running total of your earned CE credits, and allows you to store CE certificates.  You can use the CE Transcript Portal for NJPA programs and credits earned by attending programs outside of NJPA.  Please note: You must keep documentation of continuing education completion you are issued for continuing education listed under Board of Psychological Examiners Regulations 13:42 10.21(a) and (b).


Meet, Engage, Learn!  Become part of the conversation!

Members Listserv:  Join over 900 members in lively, virtual conversation on topics such as practice and insurance matters, new legislation, articles of interest, referral requests, and more!

Committees, Special Interest Groups, and Resource Groups:   As the backbone of the association, committees, special interest groups, and resource groups provide expertise to the executive board and membership as a whole.  Your expertise will be relied upon when reviewing legislation, and as resources for reporters and speaking engagements throughout New Jersey.  They also provide you with a wonderful opportunity to increase your knowledge, inform others, and become acquainted with new colleagues.  

Affiliate OrganizationsThese geographically centered organizations offer psychologists and graduate students the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues in their area, to share information, and to attend exciting programming.  We currently have affiliates in the following areas:  Northeast (Bergen, Passaic, and Hudson), Essex/Union, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth/Ocean, Morris, Somerset/Hunterdon, and South Jersey.

Learning Discounts

Enjoy discounted rates on all NJPA online and in-person programs!  Students, early career psychologists, sustaining members, mid-level members are guaranteed special discounted rates.  We can help you earn the credits you need toward your mandatory continuing education requirements!

Practice Building

Helping members grow and maintain healthy practices is a high priority for us at NJPA.  Our referral network makes it easy for you to build your practice!  As the most visited page on our website (receiving over 1,500 visits per month), NJ residents are seeking mental health professionals in their area to suits their specific needs.  In order to get started, consider the information you feel would be most advantageous to include in your online profile.  You can include a photo, description of your practice, areas of expertise, foreign language proficiency, multi-cultural competence, insurance panels, a website address….anything you feel would assist a consumer in their decision-making process for finding an appropriate mental health provider.  You tailor your profile to reflect your unique expertise and experience! (additional subscription fee)


NJPA is here for our members to help you through any professional difficulties you may experience.  Our Director of Professional Affairs is available to assist you with practice questions, ethical concerns, licensing laws and regulations, and help you understand the impact of new and pending legislation.  The NJPA Ethics Education and Resource Committee offers free, confidential feedback, exclusively to NJPA members, concerning ethical questions that may arise in the course of their practice.  The information provided by the Ethics Committee is designed to assist NJPA members to better understand ethical issues arising out of the practice of psychology in an educative and consultative manner, however is not in place of legal advice.

Political Clout

NJPA is committed to strengthening our political outreach and advocating for the interests of NJ psychologists and mental health issues that are important to the public.  Over the years, our advocacy took many forms.  Through our Committee on Legislative Affairs (COLA) and our Governmental Affairs Agent (GAA), NJPA has been instrumental in maintaining standards of psychology practice in NJ, protecting patients' rights, and supporting public policy.  NJPA also monitors State Rules and Laws that regulate the profession, and maintains a liaison with the NJ Board of Psychological Examiners so we are always informed about any changes that may affect our members.  As an affiliate of APA, NJPA is also involved in federal advocacy initiatives and regularly lobbies for federal issues that affect psychology.

Exclusive Online Resources

We make it simple to find everything you need!  Our members only portal is packed with information on laws and regulations affecting your practice, best standards in maintaining your practice, form templates, Peer Review, Child Abuse Reporting requirements, weekly updates by our Director of Professional Affairs, and more!

Diverse Communities

Diversity and inclusion is a priority for NJPA.  Our Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CODI), together with other NJPA committees and the NJPA Foundation, support diversity and inclusion in all association activities and assists the board in fulfilling NJPA’s mission statement and strategic plan. CODI also assists the board by examining how issues of diversity and cultural competence in the field can have an impact upon the practice of psychology, education, training, research, and public policy.

Directory Listings

Along with our referral network, NJPA maintains a listing of all members that can be accessed for finding colleagues in your geographical location, and throughout the state, as well as fellow alums who attended your university/college. 

Free Publications

Our weekly e-blast, the Friday Update, keeps you up-to-date on association news, CE programs, committee and affiliate events, APA updates, and more!  Our professional journal, the NJ Psychologist, is printed three times per year.  You will find association business, a special section featuring a specific topic, the NJP Foundation activities, ethical situations, and other informative articles, some of which are available for CE credit.  We distribute an Annual Report in the 3rd quarter that details the association's accomplishments over the year, outlines the finances of the organization, and acknowledges the work of our members and volunteers.  Our quarterly e-newsletter is geared toward the public and includes articles centered around a unified theme.  We encourage our members to share our e-newsletter with colleagues, family, friends, and clients!

Here's what our members have to say:

“I get so much out of being a part of this professional association. I  am also fortunate that I can count on the dependable, responsive, and friendly  group of people who work for NJPA.”  ~ Norine Mohle, PhD

"I joined NJPA as a graduate student in 2011.  Throughout my time as a general member and as part of the NJPAGS board, I have learned a great deal about leadership, unity, and professionalism.  The connections I've made and the experiences I acquired from membership in NJPA have enriched my graduate school training and prepared me for future success in the field of psychology. I am beyond grateful that I became a member of such a remarkable, professional organization." ~  Stacie D. Shivers, PsyD

"As a Brazilian, early career psychologist, I wanted to belong to a colorful neighborhood of diverse peers, where I could learn, listen, and be heard... where I could be part of a community that holds... NJPA for me is that community! In process, shifting, pulling, and pushing all of its parts, but willing to become whole. It is my neighborhood, in process and in progress."  ~  Luciene Takagi, PsyD

"To me,  being a psychologist has always involved focusing on issues and working with people.  I guess it makes me feel I am contributing something important whether I am working with a family in crisis, people dealing with difficult transitions, or issues related to parenting and adjusting to divorce. Psychologists often work in isolation contributing to a sense of lack of connection with our colleagues.  Changing laws and policies affect how we practice.  In the last twenty years, the field has really changed.  It seems essential that organizations like NJPA help keep us abreast of such changes. ~ Janet Berson, PhD