NEW!  CE Transcript Portal

An NJPA Hosted Online Organizational Tool 

Intro: What is it?
We are excited to introduce our new Continuing Education Transcript Portal, an NJPA hosted online organizational tool and certificate storage bank. The transcript portal can be used in conjunction with your saved continuing education documentation to track information about all of your continuing education learning efforts for NJPA programs and credits earned through programs outside of NJPA. Please note: You must keep documentation of continuing education completion you are issued for continuing education listed under Board of Psychological Examiners Regulations 13:42 10.21(a) and (b). 

Disclaimer: The continuing education transcript portal is not intended to replace your requirements as a licensee to maintain documentation of continuing education credits completion for four years after completion as required by Board of Psychological Examiners 13:42-10.22 (b). While the utmost care has been taken in offering this CE transcript portal, NJPA make no representations as to the completeness of the information it contains. NJPA recommends that you keep both electronic and hard copy documentation for your continuing education obligations pursuant to the Board of Psychological Examiners Regulations 13:42 10.22(b).

How to use the CE Transcript Portal

CE Transcript PORTAL - An NJPA Hosted Online Organizational Tool

BoPE Regulations for Continuing Education (starting on page 57)