March 25, 2020

NJPA Statement Condemning Acts of Xenophobia and Racism in View of The Coronavirus 
The New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) strongly condemns the multiple instances reported in recent news of xenophobic and racist comments and acts directed against people perceived as of Asian descent. People identified as of Asian background constitute over 9% of the population of New Jersey1, and 58% of people of Asian background in the United States who have immigrated here themselves have become American citizens2. Asian-Americans are a central part of life in this country. At a time when the coronavirus pandemic is widespread, and at a time when all citizens need to unite and support one another, NJPA finds it deeply troubling that specific groups have become the targets of discrimination. NJPA stands against ALL forms of discrimination. As psychologists, we understand the negative emotional, psychological, physical, and community impact caused by racism, by racist acts and by microaggressions. NJPA deems that a community that is not divided by silos (e.g. ethnicity, gender, race, socioeconomic status, religion, etc.) is stronger and healthier. We believe xenophobia and racism negatively impact everyone, including witnesses, observers, and viewers in general. In view of the psychological impact of these acts on all clients we treat and on ourselves, NJPA calls on legal and legislative officials, in a bipartisan manner, to take a firm stand against xenophobic and racist acts against Asian-looking individuals and against individuals of Asian descent, so NJ can heal from the coronavirus as well as from the hate crimes it inadvertently elicited. 

Compassionate Communities - An NJPA Call for Attention to Marginalized Groups
"It is with the goal of compassion in mind, that we, as psychologists, recognize how the mental and physical health of citizens from marginalized groups can be impacted by measures that may not take their specific needs into account." Lucy Sant'Anna Takagi, PsyD, NJPA President
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